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Geothermal & Hydronic Heating Systems

Fox Creek Heating offers energy-saving hydronic and geothermal heating systems, lowering your costs and lessening your carbon footprint.  Hydronic heating utilizes pipes under your flooring to circulate hot water throughout the home allowing the heat to radiate at a comfortable and consistent temperature.  Geothermal heating takes advantage of the constant temperature below the earth's surface.  Extracting heat from the ground with pumps allows the system to provide extremely efficient heating or cooling all year long in virtually any climate.

Geothermal Heating
Geothermal Heating Diagram

"My family and I have benefitted from our hydronic heating system in so many ways.  Our house is always comfortable, the system requires little maintenance, and financially it's been a real blessing.  The team at Fox Creek Heating really know what they are doing."

 Tim H.

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